10 Hints to Clean Your Press Release

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10 Hints to Clean Your Press Release

In my work with small businesses and non-profits I'm often sought out for my advice on how to write an effective press release that is likely to be noticed by credible media outlets. For those who are new to creating press release distribution here are 10 simple guidelines to help you succeed:

Tips #1 - Your press release should be exciting. You shouldn't create an announcement to tell the world how awesome your company is without a good reason for declaring it. Okay, this isn't entirely accurate. You could create a distributepress release that says "ABC Company is the BEST widget maker in the world." However, the media will not pay attention. If you tell them that "ABC Company was recently awarded a million dollar contract by the U.S. Government to make widgets," the media is more likely to report the news story.

Tip #2 - The initial sentence of thepressrelease for distribution must outline your announcement in detail and concisely. Do not include modifiers such as the biggest or best, most desired and so on. Keep it brief and concise. Additional details may be added later in paragraphs.

Tip #3 Make your release more attractive by adding an interesting quote from an official of the company or an industry professional. This adds credibility to your press release, but also makes it more fascinating to read. It also gives media outlets an the additional contact information for more information.

Tip #4 : The final paragraph the pressrelease distribution service should include a brief, no longer than two to three paragraphs about your business. Here's an example: "ABC Company was founded by widget maker Tom Jones after he retired from Widget University in 1999. The company has grown exponentially since its early days, adding commercial and industrial to its line of widgets last year. For more information about ABC Company, please visit the company's Web site at [http://www.abccompany.com] or call 888-555-1212."

Tip #5: Be certain to include contact details (name and phone number as well as e-mail address and website). Although some like to add this information information at an early point in the announcement, it's getting more and more common to add this information towards the conclusion of the announcement. No matter where you decide to place it, make sure that it's easily accessible.

As well as making the best press releasedistribution services which will be noticed, it's crucial to determine who to send it.

Tip #6: Choose your target audience according to the expected level of interest. For instance, if, for example, you're releasing quarterly results for a multinational company the press release should be distributed to all media outlets feasible. But if you're discussing an event that is local with your announcement, you should focus your efforts on local radio, print and television media.

Tip #7: If your market is at the edge of a market, you can distribute the message to both markets, but modify it slightly so that it is more appropriate to the other market. For instance, I recently released a press release distribution services for the market that is the largest in Whatcom as well as Skagit Counties (Washington) with the subject line "Local Businesses Help Kick Multiple Sclerosis." To make it more newsworthy for those two counties further south, I altered the title into "Northwestern Businesses Help Kick Multiple Sclerosis." This small change raised the odds for other businesses to be interested in the story.

Tip #8: Tip #8 - Internet is now a remarkably efficient tool to instantly distribute information for a cost-effective price. My favorites are PRWeb.com and PRLeap.com, although I have also used Free-Press-Release.com and SBwire.com. I like the fact that these sites are affordable, simple to navigate, as well as provide statistics on every press release, so you can see the number of times it's been read or printed, forwarded and more.

Tip #9 - Best press release distribution may also be included in press kits. They are typically sent to media to announce new products or major business developments Press kits are useful devices to promote your business's message effectively and affordably to various media. Every press kit should be sure to include an announcement of some sort.

Tip #10 - For businesses that have the media or press page on their websites This is an excellent place to post press announcements. It not only boosts the prominence of your company's name and also provides the customers with a simple way to as well as the media to get news. If you are distributing the press release, make certain to publish the release on your website.

Although you cannot control the time or frequency at which a particular media outlet will run your press announcement, following these guidelines can increase your chances of being featured.

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