Baking Memories 4 Kids sends New Jersey family to Disney

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WILLIAMSTOWN, N.J. -- The non-profit Baking Memories 4 Kids amazed section six-year-old Sebastian Foster with an all-expense-paid travel to Disney World.

The nationalist enactment carried retired the expansive astonishment with occurrence trucks coming to the Foster's location and founder, Frank Squeo, hopping to stock the large news. The enactment makes dreams travel existent for families with children battling life-threatening oregon chronic illnesses.

"He's been asking to spell to Disney for a agelong time, truthful he's truthful excited," said Sebastian's parent Beatriz Foster.

Since commencement her lad was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. The household spent years successful and retired of the hospital. During the pandemic, Sebastian received a transplant truthful helium is yet steadfast capable to travel.

"It really means everything. This volition really beryllium our archetypal travel arsenic a full family," his parent said.

The ngo is idiosyncratic for Squeo. He started the non-profit 8 years ago.

"I had precocious Stage 3 crab 14 years agone and if it wasn't for a occurrence I would not beryllium present today," Squeo said.

His occurrence has go a blessing for galore families. The non-profit bakes and sells cookies to nonstop families to Disney World. Volunteers cook the cookies, which are past sold for lone a span of 2 months. The families selected get beforehand of the enactment passes astatine each azygous park.

Baking Memories 4 Kids to day has sent much than 250 families to Orlando.

"Some of our kids aren't present immoderate longer and however almighty was that travel due to the fact that idiosyncratic bought cookies," Squeo said.

People are encouraged to enactment this large origin and go a representation shaper by purchasing cookies:

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