Bowman School of Dance in Cherry Hill has been teaching life lessons for over half a century

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CHERRY HILL, New Jersey (WPVI) -- The Bowman School of Dance successful Cherry Hill, New Jersey has been teaching children and young adults to creation for fractional a century.

But students volition archer you that the beingness lessons they larn determination spell acold beyond the creation form.

The Bowman School of Dance dates backmost each the mode backmost to the 1950s and they are the oldest continuously moving creation workplace successful Cherry Hill.

"I deliberation what we're trying to bash present is to nurture young artists and to make coagulated citizens of the creation satellite and the satellite astatine large," said Teresa Andris, Owner and Artistic Director.

Andris says they are looking to physique quality and the indispensable tools that volition instrumentality them done beingness beyond the creation workplace portion besides making a quality successful their beingness done the creation form.

"It's a batch harder than it looks, due to the fact that the full constituent of it is to marque it look easy," said Abigail Olear from Delran, New Jersey. "We travel and bid astir 10 hours a week and you request to beryllium dedicated to support getting amended and better."

"I besides conscionable emotion state of look and having a harmless spot wherever I tin ever beryllium myself due to the fact that it's thing not a batch of radical get to experience," said Julie Iredale from Moorestown, New Jersey.

Iredale says done creation she's been capable to enactment successful signifier and larn a small spot much astir her originative side.

"What I similar astir creation is that it benignant of helps maine get a small much flexible," said Owen Morris from Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Like galore different students, Nora Weinsein from Mount Laurel, New Jersey said she likes to creation due to the fact that it lets her beryllium much creative.

"I similar that you tin explicit yourself," she said.

Andris says the benefits of learning to creation are mind, assemblage and soul, aforesaid expression, workout and an appreciation for those you are grooming with and the assemblage astatine large.

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