Rider professor pens Philly-inspired 'Wonder Woman' comic

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LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, N.J. -- "I deliberation for comics successful general, they're each astir justness and warring for what's right," said Dr. Sheena Howard. "And erstwhile we spot pistillate superheroes, it does wonders."

A lifelong writer and existent prof astatine Rider University, Dr. Howard believes that practice successful the arts tin animate readers to fto their imaginations tally wild.

"Just the thought of adjacent being disposable connected a comic publication leafage is ace important, particularly for kids due to the fact that they look up to superheroes, right," she said. "We're ever rooting and warring for the underdog oregon the superheroes to bash the close happening oregon to alteration the world."

However, successful this case, it was Dr. Howard who had the accidental to alteration the world. A renowned comic publication scholar, she was picked to pen the last section of Wonder Woman Black and Gold #6, published by DC Comics.

"I knew that I wanted Nubia, which radical recognize arsenic a achromatic Wonder Woman, I knew I wanted her successful my story," said Dr. Howard.

As the communicative goes, some Nubia and Diana were created from clay. In Dr. Howard's Philadelphia-inspired story, some women bash much than simply quip astir cheesesteaks and hoagies. They face Poseidon successful an effort to bring cleanable aerial to the city.

The biology themes heavy for Dr. Howard, who grew up and presently lives successful Southwest Philadelphia.

"I unrecorded adjacent to a contaminated tract and there's flooding," she said. "And erstwhile that h2o comes downstream into our houses, each those toxins are virtually impacting our health."

Dr. Howard's neighborhood, Eastwick, was deed peculiarly hard during Tropical Storm Isaias successful August 2020. Even 1 twelvemonth later, residents were inactive trying to physique backmost from the destruction.

"So that communicative that I wrote is astir Philadelphia, but it's besides astir biology injustice and what my assemblage is going done close now," she said.

Dr. Howard is besides the writer of a bid of comics called, "Superb," a coming-of-age communicative whose protagonist has Down syndrome.

"I've besides written a graphic communicative astir same-sex home abuse," she added. "Telling stories that don't get told."

Dr. Howard became the archetypal Black pistillate to person an Eisner Award for accomplishment successful comic publication writing. She hopes to animate her students to larn from adversity and go almighty writers successful the look of hardship.

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